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Marketing Your Business With Graphics

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Calling all entrepreneurs and business professionals! 

Graphics are an important element of online marketing. We all know that a picture says 1000 words, but there is so much more to the story. 

Does this sounds like you...

  • You are not a professional graphic designer.
  • You don’t have the time to learn how to create custom branded graphics.
  • You don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer.
  • Even if you have the budget you don't always like what they create for you.  Not what you visualized for your brand.

With our Graphics Course, you will be a pro at accentuating your marketing message with eye-catching graphics. You will learn new ways to use your Graphics that will help showcase and sell your products and services. 

This "Marketing Your Business With Graphics" course is a combination of two courses. But by popular demand it was found that both courses were necessary to give you the guidance you need. So we combined Graphics 101 and Graphics 202 into one and you get the benefit by having two courses but paying for one. 

This online course will give you an easy to understand solid foundation. You will learn where to get the best graphics and the best tools you need to create graphics for all your online marketing needs. 

To round out your knowledge, you will learn the psychology of the best color combinations and the right font families to use. This adds to the dynamics of your graphics.

Great graphics are necessary for your website, social media posts, lead magnets, and PowerPoint presentations.  Become a pro using our simple step-by-step process.  Applying these techniques, you will create a professional look that will attract the right customer. Your customers will think you hired an expert, but you know you learned it yourself right here.

The Launch4Life’s Graphics Course Will Teach You:

  • Where to find free graphics, use them, edit them, store them, and make awesome graphics.
  • The do’s and don’ts of using the right set of color and font combinations in your graphics that will either attract or repel your audience.
  • Understanding of why your audience will think you are an amateur if using kindergartner font styles. Find out how your content requires professional fonts complemented by the right combinations.
  • Tips on how to create presentation slides that will keep your audience involved in your story but can be re-purposed for use in a multitude of ways to continue marketing your message. PowerPoint presentations are a powerful message ally.
  • The graphic tools that will enhance your blogs and social media posts to attract new prospects and customers.
  • A variety of free online tools to build professional looking graphics, along with the links to these sites.

What's Included in the Course:

  • Both Graphics 101 and 202 have 2 classes, each designed to be watched a week apart over a 4 week period. Though you can move on at your own pace. 
  • Graphics 101 first class: an overview of the basics on using graphics and easy to use programs.
  • Graphics 101 second class: building a foundation of graphics knowledge (in baby steps).
  • Graphics 202 first class: psychology of color and font families. Refresher on our favorite graphic building site that is free. 
  • Graphics 202 second class: learn more graphic building templates, PowerPoint uses and best slide creation.
  • Bonus section on other specialty programs.
  • Each video class is hosted by the Launch4Life team and includes demos.
  • Cheat sheets for each session are provided.
  • Each time you return to the online course platform, you will be brought right where you left off. 
  • All course content is available 24/7 so you can refer back to your lessons until you become the expert you can be.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? 

Start today. 

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Graphics 101 - Class 1

  • 3

    Graphics 101 - Class 2

    • Class 2 - Video

    • Class 2 - Website Links

    • Class 2 - Screen Shot Cheat Sheet

  • 4

    Graphics 202 - Class 1

    • Class 1 - Video Part 1

    • Class 1 - Video Part 2

    • Class 1 - Notes

  • 5

    Graphics 202 - Class 2

    • Class 2 - Video Part 1

    • Class 2 - Video Part 2

    • Class 2 - Notes

  • 6


    • Specialty Programs - Video

    • Specialty Programs - Notes

    • Royalty Free Images - Cheat Sheet

    • Screen Shot - Cheat Sheet

  • 7

    Wrap Up

    • Summary of Applying What You Learned

    • Next Steps

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